Hello, visitor. You probably know me already, but in case you have just wandered in, my name is Tracey and I am currently living in China. By good fortune I am able to travel often and have time to write about it; this blog is an effort to make some record of these days.

These are busy crowded times, with so many words and images around us, as transient as clouds. It makes me hesitate to add to the clamour, but I would like to tell my friends about this interesting life.

It seems to be a quiet place, the blogosphere: I can post my ruminative letters, and you can read them or not, respond or not. If you do want to give me some feedback, or share your own reflections and ruminations, I’d be very happy to hear from you.

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  1. Hi Tracy. Thank you for including me in your blog distribution. I am most interested in hearing about your travels and keeping in touch this way. So I have ‘signed up’ as a ‘follower’. I too am not a Facebook user, and this is a much nicer way of connecting.

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